A small story based in the Polarisation universe set before the events of the first Polarisation novel.

Engine was coded in a way to support more images and animation, as well as music/sound effects to match the text, but ran out of time by myself to implement said changes (images and sounds are in ink document, but actual documents aren't present in game hierarchy to use).

Should I have had more time I'd have done the following:

  • Custom created backgrounds + characters appearing on screen based on who's talking at that moment
  • Music for each scene
  • Sound effects
  • Animated Briefcase based on whether it's tapped up or not

5500 words wrote for this short story.

P.s. Clicking the chest will cause a Game Over screen. You should only use it when in absolute trouble and when you believe you've acquired what you need.

Created for #Inkjam2020 by Dan Carreras

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